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After Affair Šibenik


Etching a musical partnership that draws from the combined roots of different electronic music genres, After Affair are the Bosnian based project of Bonjasky /Bojan Jovic/ and Ivan Z /Ivan Zrno/.


Currently the most wanted Bosnian DJ duo, After Affair, has significantly marked the domestic scene with their performances for the past year and a half. The duo formed by two experienced artists, Bonjasky and Ivan Z, is an interesting and energetic fusion of music mixing and sampling. The audience who had the opportunity to listen and watch their live performances, agrees that this duo does not copy nor follow any music trends but simply their own passion and instinct which has led them to a respectable level of success. During their several hours performances, After Affair very successfully offer unexpected combinations of sound to their audience, always adding new elements of surprise and therefore keeping their sets original and unpredictable.  


It’s an undeniable fact that this duo has created additional euphoria with the local audience by appearing on the scene with their impressive sound of sampled electronic music as well as with their earlier solo performances across B&H.


In the past year they have also worked as promoters, booked and performed side by side with names such as Dixon, Adriatique, Sandrino, YokoO, HOSH, Magdalena, Guy J, Patrice Baumel, Traumer, Lehar, Eelke Kleijn, Khen, Chaim, Âme, Trikk, BOg, Toto Chiavetta, Olderic, Brian Cid, &ME, Denis Horvat, Edu Imbernon etc. and in the upcoming period they will continue to share the DJ booth with great names like Butch, Chaim, Baikal and many more.  After their American tour in May and June 2017, they also performed at a number of local and regional festivals such as Exit Festival, Sea Star Festival, Festival 84, Sea Dance Festival, Brodolom, OK fest, Mostar Summer fest, Sabac Summer fest etc.